Venturing into buying and selling of foodstuff Business is one of the best ways to rake in some cash in Nigeria. In fact, this business has been in existence for years I can’t mention and it’s one of the best ways to make money through agribusiness. Buying and selling of foodstuff is very lucrative if done the proper way. The beauty part of this business is that there are already made markets waiting to buy off your goods immediately it gets down to them. You can start up this great business idea by transporting one indigenous food item to another region and buy another indigenous food item to another region for sell.

For instance, dry pepper, watermelon and beans thrives well in the north while palm oil, water yam and bitter kola thrives well in the south. You can start up this business by transporting northern foods item to the south and transport southern food item to the north. That’s just it.

Now let me break down this food items to you based on each region.

Food items that thrive in the north and can be transported to the south include:

  • Hide and skin
  • Watermelon
  • Dry pepper
  • Millet
  • Onion
  • Sorghum
  • Beans
  • Groundnut
  • Hibiscus
  • Rice
  • Tiger nut
  • Sugar cane

Food item that thrive in the south and can be transported to the north include:

  • Garri
  • Palm oil
  • Water yam
  • Ogbono
  • Bitter kola
  • Crayfish
  • Vegetable
  • Banana
  • Plantain

I was inspired to write up this post after I met a guy who ventured into this business and made more than half a million in 3 month. He transports palm oil and crayfish from the south to the north and transport onion and dry pepper from the north to the south.


I don’t think you can earn up to 200k as a young graduate in Nigeria. But with this great idea believe me your mates will envy you.

Why you should venture into buying and selling of foodstuff Business in Nigeria

It is important to tap into this goldmine of a business because most farm produce are indigenous to certain area and can only grow and properly maintained in the region.

This business has turned lots of Hausa traders to a multi millionaire in Nigeria just by transporting pepper, onions and some other food items from the north to the south.

The funny thing about these Hausa traders is that they don’t even travel up to the north to get their business deal concluded with their dealer. They only send cash to their relatives in the north and wait in the south to get the goods delivered to them.

Note: you need to adopt this strategy if you have a trusted relative in other region. Don’t send money to someone you don’t trust or met online.

Now let’s take a look at the step by step guide on how to start up this business in Nigeria

Starting buying and selling of foodstuff in Nigeria is not that tedious like some people think. What you need to succeed in this business is the step by step guide on how to start it up.

However, I have researched and compiled the step by step guide on how to start up this business in a more organized manner, so just seat back, relax and enjoy the best guide am about to reveal to you.


You need some reasonable amount of money to start up this business. Buying and selling of foodstuff is capital intensive and stressful, but believe me it’s worth it. You need up to N500,000 to start up this business. If you don’t have up to this amount you can meet family and friends to share this business idea with them, they might be interested and partner with you. It will be more economical for you to buy in large quantities and transport it with a full load bus than to buy few bags and pay heavily for commercial drivers.


Buying and selling of foodstuff is lucrative but is has been hijacked by some mafias in the industry. It’s necessary to research the appropriate association related to your food item before you start making orders from other regions or else they won’t allow you sell the food item.


Choose your food item

As rosy as this business is, you can’t venture into all at a time. You need to choose some food item for easy management and specialization. You have to choose food item that is in high demand in the market. Also, it’s important to specialize on food item that are not highly perishable like tomato, but if you must venture into tomato selling your point of sale market must be closer with easy transportation.


Transportation is one of the most important factors that determine how far you would go in this business. If you have a reliable means of conveying your food items to the point of sale market then you are good to go. But if you don’t have a reliable means you can still work out some arrangements with some haulage service network in each state for easy transportation.


Warehouse or a small store is important in this business because this is where you will offload your food items at. This warehouse or store should be a place that is motorable and easy to locate for your customers.

Your point of sale market

You need to target a point of sale market for your food item. Each market has a section for food item. You can walk to them to know more about the food item you want to venture into.

High demand food item you can venture into.


You can source for large quantity of onions from Aliero in kebbi state has it’s one of the biggest onion markets in Nigeria. Onions can be sourced for at the rate of N5,000 and sold at your point of sale at the rate of N10,000. Thats 100% profit. Also, this particular item price can skyrocket to N20,000 during the off season so you have to sell as you buy.


Onion is grown in commercial quantities in kebbi, kano and katsina state, so you need to choose the states that favours you.

Dry pepper

Dry pepper can be mostly found in katsina, bauchi, plateau, kaduna and sokoto state. This bags of dry pepper differs in sizes and prices from each states. It could come in jumbo bag, jamila bag or bagco bag. Dry pepper also differs in varieties. We have bird chilli pepper, ordinary chilli pepper and so on. A bag of dry pepper goes for around N28,000 to N35,000


You can source for large quantities of beans from Zamfara, Sokoto, Bornu, Kano and Gombe. Beans comes in different varieties of colours. We have the white beans, black beans and brown beans. Beans can be gotten at the rate of N20,000 to N35,000 per bag.


Jigawa, Nassarawa, Gombe, Plateau, Borno, Adamawa, Kebbi, Sokoto and Kano state produces groundnut in high quantity. Groundnut can be sold at the rate of N26,000 and N45,000 during the peak and off peak season.

Peeled and unpeeled melon

Peeled and unpeeled melon can be found in Niger, Nassarawa and Benue states in large quantities. Thou, this food item changes in colour when it stays longer without consumption. So you have to sell fast because the longer it stays in your shop the faster it changes in colour.


You can easily found maize in large quantities in states like, Taraba, Niger, Kaduna, Adamawa and Jos. Maize comes in white and brown variety colour. A bag of this food item can be gotten at the rate of N9,000 to N12,000

Palm oil

Edo, Akwa ibom, Cross River, Ebonyi, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Abia and Delta are the state that produces quality palm oil in large quantities. This food item can be gotten at the rate of N6,000 and sold at the rate of N10,000 in some parts of the north.


Cassava thrives well in Ondo, Imo, Delta, Cross River, Ogun and Enugu state. This food item can be processed into garri, fufu, flour and cassava flakes. A bag of quality garri goes between N7,000 to N8,000

Crayfish supply

Crayfish supply business from the south to the north can make you rich in space of months. This food item can be seen in large quantities in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Ondo and Cross River. Depending on the time of purchase, a bag of crayfish go as far as N30,000 to N60,000


Timber and wood is mostly used for charcoal production and it can be gotten in large quantities from Ekiti, Oyo, Ondo, Cross River, Delta and Osun State.

Yep. That comes to the end of the piece. There are many food items you can venture into to generate income. Just look around you and see what sells fast.

With the little piece of information I compiled in this guide I believe you must have learnt one or two things on how to start buying and selling of foodstuff in Nigeria.

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