If you want to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria, I assure you this guide will give you the best insight and show you the step by step guide on how to cash out from affiliate marketing in Nigeria. I have been receiving lots of question from readers like how can I make money online, which online business can make me resign from my 8-6 tedious job?

Well, there are numerous online businesses you can start up in Nigeria but the best pick from my side is affiliate marketing.

Believe me affiliate marketing in Nigeria can make you earn money while you sleep. You can start this business from the corner of your room with a laptop, smartphone, data and some little tricks to cash out. The feeling you get cashing out from affiliate marketing in Nigeria is out of this world!

But the truth about this business is that you must be ready to start with a serious mindset, you can’t make money in affiliate marketing if you are not ready to invest in it. Starting up the process requires a little bit of capital and dedication. But trust me, this capital is not intensive.

However, if you are ready to start with a good mindset you are on your way to success.

Note: this guide is for beginner level, so if you don’t know anything related to affiliate marketing you are covered. It’s a simple beginners guide for those who don’t have the basic knowledge about how affiliate marketing works in Nigeria.

Now lets get started.

What is affiliate marketing?

How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby individuals promote other peoples product to earn some certain amount of commission. As an affiliate marketer, whenever you sell other companies product you will be paid a commission for the product sold through your network.

Let me explain in more simple term.

There are 3 parties involved in affiliate marketing.

  • The manufacturer
  • The affiliate marketer
  • The customer

Wait, don’t be scared I will explain how this three parties involved can make affiliate marketing a success.

Meanwhile, the major determinant of affiliate marketing is the manufacturer and the customer which simply means without the manufacturers product you can’t earn a dime from affiliate marketing. Also, if you can’t refer customers to your affiliate links believe me you can’t cash out from this business.

Let me simplify this further.

For example, a manufacturer wants to sell his electrical gadgets, so he designed a website to list his product with an affiliate option on the website. If you happen to be an expert in affiliate marketing and you sign up to his affiliate program and sell some of his gadgets through the link provided by his website. You’ll be paid an agreed commission based on the agreement you have with the manufacturer. I hope that’s clear enough?

Now let’s talk about the parties involved in affiliate marketing.

The manufacturer

The manufacturers are the heart of affiliate marketing. They are the party that manufactures different products for marketer. Without these people believe me affiliate marketing is nothing.

There work is to create a quality product for affiliate marketers who are willing to market their product with an agreed percentage.


The Affiliate marketer

The affiliate marketers are those who market manufactures product with an agreed commission. This is where the real internet marketers cash out from in Nigeria. They promote different product and tries to get a customer for the said product to get their payment.

Affiliate marketers in Nigeria cash out from different sectors ranging from Real Estate, Car sales, technological gadgets and online betting. Imagine you sell two plots of land for a real estate firm in Lagos state, or you refer punters to betting companies. Did I hear you say wow? Yes that’s cool cash for you as an affiliate marketer.

The customers

The consumers/customers are those who purchase a product from affiliate marketers. Without these people there won’t be any revenue or commission for the marketer.

If by any chance these consumers complete an order with the link provided by the marketer, they would be making some bucks for the marketer without them knowing.

Different programs you can sign up to as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria




Advantages of affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing has been some family’s source of income since white collar jobs are not forthcoming. This online business has made different internet marketers a millionaire just by promoting other peoples product to get a commission. However, below are some of the major advantages of affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Not capital intensive

Unlike some other online business, affiliate marketing can be started with just a little amount of capital. If you want to start this business with a focused mindset you need to arrange some cash for domain name and hosting registration. With less than $40 N14,400 per year, you can set up a blog for your affiliate link promotion.

Doesn’t require an office

You can start up this business right from the corner of your room. Affiliate marketing gives marketers the opportunity to work from anywhere they like and allows them travel at their leisure time without having to worry about any boss or sack letter.

So far you have your laptop, smartphone and data you can work from anywhere in the world.


No limit to your income

The sky is always the limit in affiliate marketing. You can sign up to 10 affiliates programs and earn thousands of dollars every month. There’s no limit to how much you can make as an affiliate marketer.

In Nigeria, we have different bad ass affiliate marketers who rake in millions from this online business.

Serves as a multiple source of income

You can work as a part time affiliate marketer and still have some other businesses you are raking in money from. It’s a work from home business, so you can use it as a side hustle and still make some cash elsewhere.

Easy scalability

If you are consistent in affiliate marketing, you can easily scale up your income with hard work and dedication. Your first earnings with this business might be low, but with dedication and hardwork, believe me you would be making millions in less than 6 months.

Now that have explained the meaning of affiliate marketing, lets talk about the step by step guide on how to start up the business in Nigeria.

If you follow up this simple step by step guide, you are on your way to become a millionaire in Nigeria.

Simple step by step guide on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Research and choose a profitable niche market

The first process for you to get started in affiliate marketing is to choose a profitable niche market. Let me break this down.

What is a niche market?

A niche market can be seen as a segment of a larger market that is designed with its own unique needs, identity, preference which makes it comes out different from other market. It can also be seen as a specified part of a larger market.

For example, there are niche markets in all sectors of the economy; if you want to start an online business you can choose mini importation as your niche market. I hope that’s clear enough?

I know it’s quite challenging to choose a profitable niche market especially if you are a newbie in this business. However, there are different ways for you to determine if your proposed niche market is profitable or not.

You can use these factors to determine a profitable niche market.

Research if there is money in your proposed niche

Have you heard about jumia and konga e-commerce online store? I don’t think there is any need to explain their work here. I know a lot of friends who makes thousands of naira monthly from jumia and konga affiliates.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to know the profit potentials in your proposed niche market. How profitable they are and demands that comes from the niche.

What blog topic are you good at?

Ask yourself right now, which topic can I write on easily? If you are good at product review articles, you can set up a blog to review other companys product on your blog. Immediately you review this product on your website, sign up to their affiliate program and get your unique tracking code to track orders completed through your link.

Check if the niche is already saturated

There are niches that are already saturated in affiliating marketing. I’m not discouraging you not to choose those saturated niches like weight loss niche but the competition can make you get stucked without you getting a reasonable sale in a month. There are big affiliate marketers who are already in this niche.

Start a blog rightaway

After using those factors I listed to choose your profitable niche the next process is to start a blog to promote your affiliate offers. If you are not good in website or blog design no problem. You can contact a genius website designer to help you buy your blog domain name with hosting plan and further design the blog with a suitable blog theme.

Start posting content on your blog

Now that you have a blog running on the web the next thing is to start posting quality content on your blog.

You need to write a valuable content for your readers in order to keep them glued to your website. Although creating a valuable content might be hard but believe me the first one is always the hardest. The more you practice the more you gain more experience in writing.

However, if you think you can’t create a valuable content yourself, you can get a professional article writer on freelance website like upwork and fiverr.

Note: if you want your blog ranked by google search engine you need to write a well optimized article with SEO guidelines.

Monetize your blog with different affiliate programs

This is the stage readers are always interested in but believe me if you don’t follow the guidelines from the first stage you can’t get to this monetization stage. Once you have choosen a profitable niche, create a blog and create a good content the next thing is to start signing up for different affiliate programs.

Blog promotion

There are different ways to promote your blog as affiliate marketers in Nigeria. If you want good traffic on your blog you need to submit your blog to different search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Aside getting traffic from search engine there are other ways to get traffic to your website which include:

  • Paid advertisement
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing: this is a paid advertisement and it’s quite different from search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sending emails to subscribers
  • Guest posting


Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable online businesses you can start up in Nigeria and the beauty part of the business is that it’s not capital intensive. With less than $40 you can get your blog running on the web for your affiliate offers.

If you follow up the step by step guide in this article believe me you are on your way to become a millionaire in Nigeria if you are not one already.

However, you need to be focused and consistent with this business for you to pull out sales to your affiliate links.

I believe with the little information I put up here you must have learnt one or two ways on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

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