Small scale car wash business in Nigeria is lucrative if you set up your business in a strategic location in your area. This business can easily be established if proper feasibility study is carefully carried out. This study can be done by the investor and it does not necessarily needs the service of a professional business developer.


Starting a small scale car wash in Nigeria can make you smile to the bank just like those top investors we have in the country. This idea can be utilized by different class in the society. It can be done by graduates, youths, businessmen and women.

You might be wondering why I listed graduate up there. Believe me this business pay bills more than what some people earns sitting down in an office.

Now let’s take a look at the step by step guide on how to start a small scale car wash business in Nigeria.

As rosy as this business is, if you dont follow the step by step guide on how to start it in a professional way, you might blame yourself going into the business.

Now I have researched and compiled the best step on how to get the business established with a simple process. Just seat back, relax and enjoy the steps I compiled for you.


In a small scale analysis, you need up to 400k to start up this business to get the necessary tools needed to work with. Your capital will make you prepare and let you know how large or small you want the business to look like.

Draft a business plan

You can hire the service of a professional business plan writer to get this done for you. Business plan will help you structure your business in a way you want it to look like. It gives you the opportunity to know your mission and vision of the business, the number of staff to hire with the business profit margin.

Feasibility study

Make comprehensive feasibility study on how the business works in your area. To succeed with this car wash business you need to conduct a feasibility study on at least three to four car washes in your area to see how the business is being operated.

Get to meet the car wash managers, ask useful questions and get a comprehensive study on how to manage customers as a start up in the business.


Strategic location

As a start up in this business, you need to get a strategic location to maintain your business. A strategic location where there are lots of vehicular movements. You can’t go far in this business if you locate your car wash in a remote area or an area that is out of town.

Register your business name

You can get this done by visiting the corporate affairs commission website. Check the procedures on how to register a business name on CAC website.

Drill your borehole

Water is the heart of a car wash business; without this, you can’t run a successful car wash business in any location. You can hire the service of professional borehole driller to help commence the project after you must have gotten a strategic location for the business.

Get overhead tanks.

After drilling a well structured borehole in your business location, you will need to strategically place an overhead tank on a spot to store water for any period. This tank can help you store water for up to 2 days.

Generating set

I believe you won’t want to depend on government electricity supply if you are operating a business in Nigeria. You need to get a small generating set that would help you power your borehole when the government electricity supply is down.


Not all detergents are suitable for paints. From experience some detergents are too harsh on paints and I believe you won’t want to run into unnecessary troubles and debt.

Other materials

Other materials needed in this business include; buckets, towels, hand brush, towels, Chemicals such as cleaning and spot-free solutions, Dryers, Blowers and Vacuums

With these equipments you are good to go with car wash business in Nigeria.

With the little information I put up here I believe you must have seen one or two tips on how to start a profitable small scale car wash business in Nigeria.

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