In this guide, I will give you the step by step guide on how to start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria without owing an office.

Starting a profitable dropshipping business is not capital intensive and it’s a great idea for those who want to cash out from the internet, but believe me you can’t break the storm with this business if you dont know how to run it successfully.

However, starting this business in Nigeria is quite different from starting it in other top world countries. That was the main reason why I titled it How to start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria

The major challenge in this business for Nigerians is how to set up a payment gateway plan for their dropshipping business, but believe me I won’t start what I can’t finish for my esteemed readers. I have practically researched and compiled the best payment gateway you can use for this business. So just follow this link


Also, you have to link up with a reputable supplier and have your promoted products shipped to your buyers immediately. Some of the questions newbies asks are how does dropshipping works in Nigeria? How can I choose a product and sell? How can I choose a selling platform? And so on.

So right now, you need to follow this journey with me by giving you the step by step guide on how to start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria. Just seat back, relax and enjoy the best tip you are about to read.

What’s dropshipping and how does it work in Nigeria?

For the purpose of those who don’t know the meaning of dropshipping I will come with a simple definition of the business.

Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method that does not allow dropshippers to keep products in stock. In a simple process, the dropshipper advertise a product online or on his or her e-commerce store, if by any chance he gets a customer for the products he will passes the sales order to a third party supplier, who then deliver the order to the customer while the drop shipper gets his own commission just like affiliate marketing.

Also, this model works in Nigeria without you having to create a product for sell. There are different programmes you can sign up to as an agent. We have jumia, konga and some high profile e-commerce store in Nigeria. Register with these platforms, promote their products, send them the sales order and get your commission.

You can also source for products from the international ecommerce store like AliExpress and 1688.

5 step by step guide on how to start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria

These are the 5 step by step guides on how start a profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria without any hassles.

  • Select a product and sell
  • Get a reputable supplier
  • Choose one of the best selling platforms
  • Advertise your dropshipping products
  • Get your commission

Now let me give you a break down on how to break the storm with these step by step guides. Since the first on the list is to select a product and sell that is what I would start with.

Select a product and sell.

The first procedure with this business is to select the high selling products to sell. However, you need to understand that you can’t sell every product. You need to make a research to know what’s trending in the international and local markets. For example in Nigeria, many people are obsessed with phone and phone accessories. Without contacting a soothsayer you should know this product sells fast in Nigeria.

Make an extensive research to know the demand of product before you select the product for promotions. Your selected product must be high in demand for you to maximize profit on time.

You don’t need to promote all products with this business. Your focus should be on high demandable products in a particular niche.

Weight loss products sells like water in Nigeria due to the fact that people wants to structure their body size to fit in with the current fashion trend. You can see this mostly within women, and you know any products related to women sells fast.

Dont limit your product research to the ones I listed above. In general, research for products that solves peoples problem and are in high demand in the market.

Get a reliable supplier

Since you are not the manufacturer of the products you will be promoting, you need to source for a reliable supplier for each of your desired products. Believe me; if you can’t get a reliable supplier you won’t have any product to drop ship which means no money for you in this business.

Each dropshipping platforms have different suppliers on their platforms. You can get reliable suppliers on Alibaba, AliExpress and 1688 website.

You can determine if a supplier is reliable or not through the seller score on their profile. A supplier with a 90% seller score rate can be regarded as a reliable supplier.

If you are starting up this business in Nigeria, I will recommend AliExpress as the best dropshipping e-commerce platform. All you have to do is to create a profile with them, promote their products, send orders to them and the platform and supplier will handle the products to the buyers address in Nigeria.

Their products are cheap and the good thing is most of their products comes with free shipping. Even thou the major challenge here is there long shipping time. But if your customers can pay the shipping fee, believe me AliExpress is your best bet for dropshipping business in Nigeria.

Choose one of the best selling platforms.

You need to take this part serious as this will be the online platform for you to promote your selected products. There are different e-commerce stores you can use in this regard but the best bet from my side is

  • Shopify
  • WordPress.

Now let’s look at how these works for the success of your dropshipping business in Nigeria.


Shopify platform is a website builder and a self hosted platform that gives online marketers and small business owners the opportunity to build an e-commerce store with a drag and drop option. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or website development before you can set up a store on Shopify. You can create your dropshipping store in less than 1 hour with this online platform.

Shopify is used all over the world. It allows marketers to brand and market their products while they serve as the hosting platform. Also, as a newbie and starter on the platform, you will be given a 14days trial.

If you dont have any basic knowledge with basic website development, Shopify is what you should look at.


You need to get domain name and a good hosting plan if you want to get your e-commerce store show on the web with this online platform.

A domain name is the name you want people to refer your store as. Like jumia, konga and jiji e-commerce store while a good hosting plan is like a house that keeps your web data saved online.


After setting up your domain name with a reliable hosting plan for your dropshipping business the next step is to install an e-commerce plugin on your backend account. This can be done after you must have installed wordpress Cpanel with a good design for your domain and hosting.

However, if you don’t know your way around this simple set up, you can hire a professional website designer to help you set it up.

Also, you need to install a plugin on the wordpress backend called AliDropship without this plugin you can not run a successful dropshipping store on your wordpress webite.

This Alidropship plugin is professionally created for dropshippers. It helps users to import products photos from supplier website, import the products description for effective marketing.

Advertise your dropshipping products

Without you advertising your products, nobody will patronize your products. There are many online stores in Nigeria so you just need to bring your products in front of your customers with advertisement. Without a premium and effective advertisement, you can’t break the storm with this business.

You can run promotional ads on facebook for your product, set up a perfect SEO strategy for your products, advertise with google search engine marketing and lot’s more.


Also, you can set up a contact form on your site. Get your customers email and send them messages on new products through Email marketing.

Get your commission

Since you are starting up this business for profit maximization, you need to set up a reliable payment gateway that allows you to get your commission right here in Nigeria. However, I have practically researched and compiled the best payment gateway for your dropshipping business.

Follow up this link to know the best payment gateway for your business. .

Frequently asked questions by dropshippers in Nigeria

Newbie dropshippers usually come up with these questions, that was why I decided to answer them here.

  • Will I pay tax to the American government if I’m dropshipping right from AliExpress? The simple truth to this is that you aren’t paying any form of tax if you are dropshipping from Nigeria.
  • Will I pay tax after each product dropshipped gets to Nigeria? No. you are not paying a dime when the products get to Nigeria. But the buyer who ordered for the product might tip some post office agents based on Nigeria factor, you get that?
  • Do I need to open an office with this business? Well this depends on how large you want the business to look like. But for beginner level, you can start dropshipping business right from the corner of your room.

With the little piece I put up here, I believe you are now ready to start your profitable dropshipping business in Nigeria.

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