Do you know a lot of companies out there are looking for an advertising agency to help them promote their products and services? Well, if you don’t know there are lots of companies seeking for more sales of products and this can be done with the help of a professional advertising agency in Nigeria.

Before I give you the step by step guide on how to start a profitable advertising agency in Nigeria, let’s look at what advertising is itself with its benefits.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the process of promoting products, image, brand and service of a company to reach a wide range of audience. Advertising can also be referred to as a promotional activity which aim is to sell a service or product to a targeted market.


It can also be referred to a means of calling people’s attention to a products and services.

What are the benefits of advertising?

  • Advertising helps companies to reach a wide range of audience
  • It helps companies go ahead of competitors
  • Expansion of market
  • It helps companies to introduce a new product and service
  • Increase sales
  • Creates more employment opportunities to the citizens
  • It helps to educate the consumer on new products and services
  • It helps to eliminate middle men

Who is an advertising agent or advertising agency?

Advertising agency and agent are those who promote the products and services of a company to reach a wide range of audience.

This advertising agency promotes people’s products through an effective means that include: banner ads, poster, social media advertisement, digital marketing and printing.


In a nutshell, this advertising agency helps small and big firms sell their products through effective advertising techniques.

How to start a profitable advertising agency in Nigeria

Before you set up a professional advertising agency in Nigeria there are some procedures to put in place. This procedure include: Getting adequate training for your agency, have enough of experience with adequate funding.

Now lets take a look at the step by step guide on how to start a profitable advertising agency in Nigeria.

Adequate training:

You need to get adequate training before setting up this business. You can acquire offline and online advertising techniques for the purpose of this business.

Online training in this regard include: Social Media Marketing Course, Digital media marketing course, Pay Per Click Course, Search Engine Marketing, Display advertisement course, Google Adwords, Video advertising and Copywriting.

With the courses I listed above, you can run an effective campaign for any products and services online. These courses will give you the best insight on how to advertise different products and service online. And the beauty part of this online advertisement is that it is cost efficient.

Offline training in this regard include: printing of banner ads, fliers, posters, business cards etc. You can advertise companys products and services through this method. Also, if you feel like you don’t have the time to learn this offline printing service, you can outsource it to any printing company near you.


Enough funding is crucial to the success of this business. You need some capital to set up a space as a small shop for this business.

However, the capital you need in this business depends on how you want it to look like. If you are running just online advertising agency, it might not be necessary to get a space for the business. You can offer the service from anywhere; so far you have the capital to also advertise your services online.

Register your Business with CAC

If you are running both online and offline advertisement to your customers, you need to register your company with the agency in charge of business registration in Nigeria. This can be done with the corporate affairs commission website at

Get a website for your business

Getting a standard website for your advertising agency will make you look professional among others. You need to get a good domain name related to your company name, hosting plan, wordpress setup with good designing. With these you can reach more people for advertisement deals.

Create a social media handle

I don’t think there is a need to talk more on this. Create different social media channel to engage customers from different parts of the world.

Other materials needed for this business include

  • Laptops
  • Scanner
  • Fax
  • Camera
  • Printer
  • High internet speed
  • Tax certificate
  • Stationeries
  • Business cards
  • Staffs

You need to hire competent staffs to get your advertising agency running. This staffs include: Graphics designer, secretary, advertisement manager, Copywriter and so on

If you are not an expect in the business and don’t equally know how to run any promotional ads for products and services, you can hire the service of a digital media marketer and social media marketer for your online advertisement while you outsource the offline printing to other shops if you can’t afford the cost of a printing machine.


For you to sustain your business and beat off competitors in the industry, you need to be creative in your expertise. You need to know how to meet up with deadlines, setting and meeting targets, giving out incentives and meeting a wide range of audience for your target.

Benefits of advertising agency to business owners

Not expensive to run: This business is not expensive to run as it can be done with the limitations of your capital. You can start up this business from the corner of your room if you are offering online advertising agency

Easy to operate: advertising agency is easy to operate in Nigeria so far you are not going against the rules and regulation of the authorities in charge of advertisement.

It brings you to limelight: if you have a well branded agency, the business is capable to take you places in the world. Different sectors are into advertisement in the world.

Banks, Oil and Gas companies, Telecommunication companies are all advertising everywhere and there. Even politicians are not left in the struggle.

In summary

Setting up a standard advertising agency in Nigeria is not that capital intensive, but what is mostly required here is professionalism. If you know your onions in this business, believe me heaven will be your starting point.

With the information I compiled in this guide, I believe you must have learnt one or two things about advertising agency in Nigeria.

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