What if I tell you that snail farming business has turned lot of farmers into a millionaire in Nigeria. It’s hard to believe right? Well snail farming in Nigeria is one of the best agrobusiness that has the potential to triple investors capital in less than 8 months. This agrobusiness is a goldmine that has been neglected by so many farmers in Nigeria.

Just like any other sectors in farming, Nigerians are yet to see the goldmine in snail farming right at their backyard and that is why we have a lot of people roaming about the street looking for a get rich quick scheme that will eventually burn their fingers. Snail farming is a big business in different parts of the world as it can be seen in different restaurant, supermarkets and stores. Meaning, it is profitable and the beauty part of the business is that it is not capital intensive like other farming business.

If you’re a Nigerian looking for white collar jobs, or a business to venture into, believe me you need to have a rethink and start up a snail farming business with the little capital you are holding right now. Snail farming is far beyond going to the bush to pick snail and store in a bucket with cocoa yam leaves. You can start up this business in a commercial way and find a restaurant to supply to and rake in good returns.

Best snail species for commercial business

Achatina fulica

This type of snail specie is known in the terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the achatinidae family. Achatina fulica is a giant land snail that is mostly found in the eastern part of Africa. It is mostly recognised with its smaller size among the entire snail desirable for commercial farming in Africa.

The average size of achatina fulica is approximately 32 grams, while its adult specie can go beyond 20cm in shell length. It has a narrow conical shell, this shell are always reddish or brown in colour with weak yellowish vertical marking.

Achatina Achatina

Achatina Achatina is also from the terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc in the achatinidae family. It is commonly called the giant tiger land snail and its mostly found in Nigeria and Ghana. This specie is a prolific breeder as it is an hermaphrodites specie that has two reproductive system.

Achatina Achatina is highly recommended for commercial snail farming because of its large size which makes it more profitable. Also, this specie lays a volume of 250 eggs in a year. This means, if you have 500 Achatina Achatina species in your farm, in less than 11 months you would be getting 900,000 snails in your farm due to the numbers of eggs they lay per year.


Meanwhile, this specie can be recognised with its silver-brown colour. Its shell can reach a length of 200mm and a maximum of diameter of 100mm.

Archatina Marginata

Archatina Marginata comes from the terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the achatinidae family. This specie has the capacity to grow up to 20cm long and live for up to 10 years.

Even thou these species are recommended for snail farming, the best among them is Achatina Achatina. So if you are going into a commercial snail farming, it is best advisable to choose achatina achatina due to its big size and the volume of eggs it lays per year.

Necessary things to put in place before starting snail farming in a commercial way

Good environment

Snail thrives in cool and dominated areas. Mostly, they are easily dehydrated due to high wind pressure which makes the level of moisture disappear in snail which in turn, makes it dehydrated. As a snail farmer, you need to construct a good pen that would prevent your snails from loosing water and also the pen should be prevented from high impact of wind.

Suitable soil for snail farming

The recommended soil for snail farming is loamy and sandy soil. These soil contains some of the components and organic substances that snail needs to survive. The soil must not be too dry and waterlogged because the shell of the snail is calcium and they gets most this calcium from the soil that has premium organic substances.


Also, its important to perform a soil test for snail farming because high acidic soil could lead to loose of snails.

How to get the best snail for farming

There are different ways to get snail species for commercial farming in Nigeria. To get the desired results in snail farming, you must monitor the source of where your snails are coming from. To start up commercial snail farming, it is advisable to get the snail from snail forest sellers, this is because those snails will be fresh and cool and they won’t have been exposed to high sunlight like the one they sell in the market.

Other ways to get good yield snails is to visit other snail farmers pen for commercial rearing. Since most farmers prefers Achatina Achatina as their best snail specie they will always have a snail to sell out due to the volume of eggs it lays per year.

Snail feeds

Like I said earlier that snail farming is not capital intensive like other agro business. it can be done with a little amount of capital due to the fact that snail don’t feed on expensive foods. Snail mostly feeds on fruits, leaves and some other cabbage foods.

They feed on leaves like, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, lettuce, cassava leaves and most importantly cocoayam leaves. Other source of food for snail include; banana, cucumber, mango, tomato and pears. These sets of food make them grow fast and keep them healthy.

Potential earnings in snail farming

Assuming you have 500 Achatina Achatina snails in your farm from the beginning of the year. This specie has the capacity to lay 250 eggs in a year which makes it 250×500=125,000

The smallest snail in the market goes for N100 now multiply 100 x 125,000= 12,500,000 cool cash right? Yes, that’s how farmers make their money in snail farming.

I believe with the little information I put up in this guide you must have learnt one or two procedures about snail farming in Nigeria.

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