The rate at which fulltime housewives are trooping into paid jobs these days is alarming. Maybe because of the high rate of inflation which have made it impossible for a man to feed his wife and children. 3-4 decades back, 90% of Nigerian women are fulltime housewives. They don’t bother themselves contributing to the financial needs of their family because of the sounding economy then. But these days, most Nigerian women are running their own business or working at a paid job. This is one of the major reason why it’s Important to start a crèche and daycare center business in Nigeria. Most of these women won’t want disturbance from their place of work, hence they find a creche that can take care of their kid for some little hours of the day.

If you have a space that can accommodate 10-15 kids, believe me you need to start a creche and daycare center business in Nigeria. You can set up this business in your home or rent up a space for the purpose of the business. Creche and Daycare center is a fulfilling prospect for anyone with natural energy and passion for kids.

However, if you don’t know the nitty gritty on how this business works, just seat down, relax and enjoy the practical guide am about to drop on how to run this business successfully.


Now follow me.

What is a Creche and Daycare center?

Creche and daycare center are places or facilities where care is given to toddlers, babies and young children. The center will be in charge of monitoring and controlling the child for the specific period of time his mother tends to be out.

Daycare center is quite different from babysitting. Babysitting is done in the childs domain while daycare center requires the parents to take their baby to a different location for some hours.

With this service, day care operators will cash in to their bank account while parents will have the opportunity to attend to other demanding duties. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for both the parents and the operator of the daycare center.

The importance of daycare service to both parents and day care operators

  • It serves as an avenue to make more money by the operator
  • It reduces the work load on parents
  • It creates more jobs for people
  • It increases the productivity of parents at work

Tools needed in your creche and care center include

  • Kitchen
  • Beds
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Toilets
  • Outdoor playing ground

Now lets take a look at the step by step guide on how to set up this business in Nigeria

In this aspect, I will give you the premium guide on how to set up this business in a commercial way and make it a profitable business in your area.

Step 1: Research and know the laws that guides this business.

As rosy as this business is, you can land in trouble if you do not follow the adequate laws that regulates day care centers. It’s important to get certified and licensed by government agency or professional association. Government agency shuns child abuse to its bearest minimum, hence the need to register your business with adequate body for easy regularization and control.

In most cases, the government agency will give you the minimum space and staffing requirement for you to get certified as a professional day care operator. They also tell you the number of children that can be admitted with space range, types of toys to use and some necessary things to put in place.

These strict laws are some of the reason why people don’t establish their care centers in large cities. They operate in remote areas where laws are not fully enforced. It’s necessary to arrange some meet ups with the authority to know the laws that guides day care business.

Step2: Find a good location

Your location determines how far and successful you will be in this business. If you can meet up with the strict laws guiding this business in an urban area, it’s necessary to get a location with good traffic. Traffic I mean here is a place where there are large numbers of people.

Also, the ideal location for your crèche center must be clean, safe, accessible and close to the house of your target audience. In addition, while setting up your center, you must design it in a way that makes it look appealing to the parents and children. If parents do not like the structure and set up of your center, you already know the outcome of it.

Step 3: Hire competent staffs

I hope you are not planning to start up this business without hiring staff? The truth is you can actually start it up on your own for like 3-4 months without a helping hand. But, as time goes on, you need to hire competent staffs when you start counting large number of kids in your care centers.

It’s important to hire staffs that are patient, empathetic, calm and have a natural feeling for young children. Don’t hire staffs that are abusive as this might cause a collapse to your business.

Female staffs are highly recommended in this aspect as females tend to love children more than men due to some factors.


Step 4: Security

The age range of kids you will be dealing with ranges from age one to six. Not all are crawling, some are already walking and this is one of the major reasons why you need to put a security measure in place.

Just imagine a parent came back without finding his or her kid in your center. You already know the disastrous outcome that will follow suit.

Step 5: Get a good routine and curriculum for the kids

If parents can see the value of the money they pay on their kids, they will recommend people to your center. Even thou day care centers is not a well structured four wall of a classroom, parents still expect you to develop their kids mentally, emotionally and physically with the money they pay. With these, you need to engage the kids in some curriculum activities depending on their age and ability.

Even if it’s just A,B,C,D,E,F. 1,2,3,4,5,6. You are good to go. You can also engage them in rhyme songs, puzzles and games, sports and some other outdoor activities.

Some crèche centers are of the habit of giving kids sleeping pills immediately their parents drop them off. Please don’t try this because if they trace the action to your center, believe me you are in for a hot soup.

In summary

Crèche and daycare center in Nigeria is lucrative and not that capital intensive. You can start up this business in your house and expand later. All what you need is proper affection for child, good attention and discipline. Its important to inculcate good moral values to the kids when they are in your center and shun the habit of playing immoral musics in their presence.

With the little piece of information in this guide, I believe you must have seen one or two tips on how to set up a profitable care center in Nigeria.

If you have a question concerning this guide, kindly drop it in the comment section.

Wish you success.

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