Are you broke and looking for the best way on how to make money with your phone in Nigeria?

Yep I mean the smartphone you are holding up right now. The smartphone you subscribe to every month for chatting and the one you get online updates from.

I’ve received countless of messages from readers asking me how to make money with their phone without having any skills and Services to offer.

Can you see I bolded the word SKILLS and SERVICES to offer? Yep you can make reasonable amount of money online without offering any online skills.

Online skills involve freelance writing, website designing, graphics design, data entry, video animation etc. These skills are high paying skills that allow freelancers rakes in millions of dollars every year.

But do you know you can still make your phone gives you some bank alerts if you are smart enough?

The only requirements you need here is your

  • Smartphone
  • Data
  • A little capital of N3,000
  • Consistency

Before we get started, I need to warn you with the last point I listed above. You need to be consistent if you want to smile to the bank every month.

At least 1 hour of your time can fetch you N1, 800 per day with this online business am about to reveal to you. Now calculate that 1800×30 = N54, 000

You get 54k just pressing your phone and catching fun every month. Many people are into this business, you can take charge with your life by taking the bold step today.

Without wasting much of your time, let me give you the step by step guide on how to make money with your phone in Nigeria.

See different strategies on how to make money with your phone in Nigeria

There are different ways to make money with a smartphone in Nigeria, but I will share the method that works for me personally.

So you can use my method and smile to the bank like I do every month.

However, you can’t do all the businesses am about to drop so you need to pick one and be consistent with it.

If you are consistent with the business believe me you’ll definitely get good results and thank me later.

Read News and Get Paid Scheme

Are you surprised?

Read news and get paid scheme is one of the best ways to make money online with a phone. Your duty here is to read news, share sponsored post, share campaign post, comment on news, refer family and friends to earn a commission. So it’s a win win situation. The clients you are referring earns monthly, you yourself also earns.

They smile to the bank through your recommendation while you also make sweet referral commission.

There are different Read news and get paid scheme in Nigeria. These schemes are Giftalword, NNU, Wakanda, WinApay and Giftnaija.

Like I said earlier, you can’t sign up to all these programmes at once. There wont be consistency with your activities.

But if you want me to choose for you, I’ll advice you to start with Giftalworld Read news and get paid scheme.

On this Giftalworld program, you get paid to read news and also get paid if you refer friends and families to the program.

Don’t be scared about the refer program, I’d highlight the best ways to get clients if you don’t have a large audience to refer to the program.


Once people register through your link on Giftalworld you get N1,600 commission

How Giftalworld works

  • Once you sign up to the platform, you get N1,000 sign up fee
  • Reading news on the platform gives you N20 earnings.
  • Commenting on news on the platform gives you N20.
  • Daily login bonus on the platform is N100
  • You get N100 for sharing their sponsored post
  • You get N100 for sharing their campaign advert
  • You earn N1,600 anytime you refer people to the program through your link
  • If you’re selected among the lucky raffle draw winners, you get N100,000 Cash.
  • Their sign up fee is N3,000

How to get referrals to register with your link

  • Join different facebook groups
  • Let them know what Giftalworld is all about
  • Don’t spam the group
  • Ask them to drop their WhatsApp number, Add them to your group
  • Tell them how the business works

See the testimony we have been getting from users who read news and get referral through their affiliate links.

I’m showing you all these testimonies for you to know it’s possible to make money with a phone in Nigeria.

Now don’t rush to register on Giftalworld. Do you know why? I have a package for you.

How to get started with Giftalworld program

Step1: Register on Giftalworld with this link

If you register with the link I provided up there, I promise to give you a premium e-book on how to make money online and earn nothing less than $500 monthly. Yep the e-book is a premium guide on how to make money online through Affiliate marketing, website flipping, information marketing and Blogging.

Step2: Send me a mail for confirmation

Send me a mail on for the premium e-book on how to make money online with the screenshot of your dashboard username.

Other online business you can do with your phone include

Giftnaija: This is one of the read news and get paid platform we have in Nigeria. However, they pay 1,000 referral commission compared to Giftalworld N1,600 commission.


Longrich business: This Company specializes in selling physical products and also pay agents for clients they refer to their company. You can start up longrich business with your smartphone today and earn like anyother Nigerians out there.

In conclusion

You can start making money with your phone if you follow up on the step by step guide listed up there. The main reason why people don’t go further is because they don’t take action after seeing opportunities.

Don’t be among the pessimist who sees difficulties in all opportunities that comes their way.

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