Piggyvest is an online platform set up by a group of investors to help people save their money to meet their specific goals. This online platform gives serial entrepreneur and investors the opportunity to invest their cash in different plans with their platform and get up to 25% in return depending on the plan they choose to invest on.

Piggyvest is widely known and it’s regarded as the best online savings and investment platform in Nigeria. This online platform is operated on the web and mobile app and there are various ways to invest or save with piggyvest. You can save up your unused money as an individual or group on the platform.

However, I created this post to give you the step by step guide on how to invest and earn money with piggyvest. So instead of keeping your money in your commercial savings bank account, you have the opportunity to save and invest with them and get up to 25% profit.

How does piggyvest operates?

If you have a financial target you’re working towards to; it could be to pay your kid school fees, house rent, starting up a business or any other financial goals. All what you need to do is to open an account with piggyvest and start saving with the platform. They offer investors up to 13% on their savings. If you have an account with them you can save daily, weekly and monthly. Also, they designed their online platform in a way whereby users can save up their money automatically with them. For example, after setting up your account with the financial platform you can decide to save between N2000 on a daily basis and the money will be deducted from your local bank account after you must have link up your debit bank card with them. This strategy also applies to weekly and monthly savings.

Meanwhile, if you decide not to save automatically with the platform you can save with their manual steps; that is you can save anytime as it pleases you. This option is called QuickSave savings. As an investor, you can save any time you want if you don’t want to save automatically.

You can team up with a group of people either families, friends and business partners to start up piggyvest investment and savings plan. You need to draw out a plan with your partners on how much you’ll be saving and for how long. Meanwhile, if you dont have anybody to team up with, you can start as an individual with a serious plan.

One of the guidelines on the platform is that, when you sign up and save with the online platform, they use few withdrawal dates in a year. Relax they are not running with your savings, its just a way to keep you disciplined from spending frivolously. But you can still cash out your funds outside this withdrawal options in a year if you want to.

Also, they have an option that works like fixed deposit and treasury bills on the platform called Lock funds. If you have some funds you are willing to keep for a long period of time or maybe you want to save it up for some future use. You can lock up the funds with this option and earn 13% interest paid to your account upfront.

This online platform gives you the opportunity to invest your cash and earn more interest rate than your savings local bank account. Imagine all the money you spend on unwanted needs. If you save up with this platform you will be amazed with how much you will come out with at the end of the year.

How genuine and reliable is piggyvest?

When it comes to investment like this people are really cautious and sensitive in order not to get scammed. Yes it’s good to conduct a thorough investigation before parting out some funds with an online platform.

However, piggyvest is duly registered as PiggyTech Global Limited with registration code RC 1405222 which makes it a legal and registered company with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria. Any funds save and invested with piggyvest are warehoused and managed by AIICO capital, one of the leading asset management firm in Nigeria.

Also, their platform is well secured and protected from any form of cyber attacks with its SSL encrypted connection. You don’t have to worry about any form of theft as all security has been put in place.


How to save funds with piggyvest

To save, invest and earn on this platform you need to follow some due process which include:


The first step is to visit piggyvest and create an account. Signing up with them is easy. What you need is just your full name, gmail account, phone number and password. You can create an account with this link



A link will be sent to your gmail account for account verification. Do well by verifying your account with the link sent by the platform.


Once you sign up with this online platform, you need to choose the best savings option suitable for you. They have piggybank savings, Target savings and safelock option. Choose the savings option you want and start saving.

See how these savings option works

With piggy bank savings, you need to set how much you want to save with the online platform automatically. If you select piggybank your savings will be deducted from your local bank account daily, savings and monthly depending on how you want to save and this will be possible after you must have linked your debit atm card with the piggy bank savings option.

For safe lock, you can lock your funds for some period of time and choose when you want to withdraw. It’s just like fixed deposit.

For target savings, you can set a target like how much you want to save for some period of time.

How to invest with piggyvest


Just like the savings option. You have to create an account to start investing with the platform.


Once you login to your dashboard. You’ll see different option on your dashboard. Select investify for investment plan. The minimum you can start with in this plan is N3000.

Other basic features you need to know about piggyvest.

Piggyvest interest rate

This online financial platform pays investors some interest when they save and invest with them. Their interest can be seen below.

  • Piggybank savings option attracts 10% interest rate per annum
  • Safelock option attracts more than 13% interest rate per annum
  • Target and group savings attracts 10% interest rate per annum.

Their online platform

Piggyvest operates on both mobile app and web address. Their app can be used on android and iOS devices.


Customer care email

If you are a registered member of the financial platform and need to contact their customer support, you can do that with this address. contact@piggyvest.com

Withdrawal plan

To give investors some form of financial discipline, piggyvest set up their withdrawal plan to some certain date which includes:

  • All 30th of June
  • All 30th of September
  • All 31st of December
  • All 31st of March

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