After the economic downturn in Nigeria, 80% of jobseekers are now moving into online business to keep their body and soul together. Online business is now booming in Nigeria as people see it as an opportunity to rake in more money for their needs. In this guide I will give you the detailed information about online business and how it can be started.

Note: These online businesses are legal business and are not related to any scamming schemes.

What is online business?

Online business are businesses that can be done and operated through the internet. It evolves around making money online in a legal way. Even thou I have posted the best possible way to MAKE MONEY ONLINE in my previous article, I will be adding more online businesses you can start in Nigeria to rake in high profit.

In Nigeria, there are different online businesses you can start as a stay at home mum or unemployed youth. With the last population census that pegged our population to 180million which I believe we must have surpassed, you can take advantage of that to start your online business in Nigeria.


Why you need to start one of the latest online business in Nigeria

  • Online business allows internet marketers to reach wider audience
  • It allows internet marketers to make more profit
  • It allows products to get the recognition they deserve

In a nutshell, there are so many benefits in starting an on online business in Nigeria. So here are the latest ones you can start at the moment.

Online Marketing

The number one pick on our list is online marketing. Everybody is looking for one way or the other to advertise and market their products and services. With these services you can make tons of millions into your bank account. You can start up this business by acquiring different skills on Sales, marketing and advertising. You can run a course on Social media marketing, Digital media marketing and Search engine optimization. After the completion of these courses, you can start online marketing for companies and small business owners


You can create a good informational blog to engage your audience. The basic requirements to set up a blog is to have a Tab/Laptop, find a profitable niche you have passion to write on, get a domain name with a good hosting plan and get a good engaging content to your blog and monetize it.

Information marketing

I know a friend who makes nothing less than 60k per week with this information marketing business. This type of online business involves selling of software, selling of informational e-books, selling of online courses etc. You need to gather a wide range of audience to sell your information to before making money from this business.

Email marketing

Email marketing works effectively with the online marketing I listed above. It is a tool used by digital marketers to make money online. As a digital media marketer, you can use email marketing to send email campaign to your website subscribers, you can also use email marketing to advertise companys products and services, and you can also use this effective tool to send traffic to your website for potential growth.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby individuals promote other peoples product to earn some certain amount of commission. This is another way of making money online, there are different website you can sign to and become there affiliate marketer, what you need to be successful in affiliate marketing is a large amount of audience who are willing to buy any recommended product from you as the affiliate. As long as you are making sales from the affiliate code given to you, you start making commission.


Dropshipping is a goldmine in Nigeria which is yet to be tapped into. This business is an order fulfilment method that does not allow dropshippers to keep products in stock. In a simple process, the dropshipper advertise a product online, if by any chance he gets a customer for the products he will passes on the sales order to a third party supplier, who then deliver the order to the customer while the drop shipper gets his own commission just like affiliate marketing.


After a thorough research about the best online business in Nigeria, these are the best pick we can recommend for you out there. These online businesses are not capital intensive and it can be started from the corner of your room.

If you’ve any suggestions on this online business, put it up in the comment section

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