Giftalworld Review: I want to share with you the best read news and get paid scheme currently spreading like fire in Nigeria right now. If you are not making money with your phone you’re only wasting your data, time and other resources online. Do you know why? It’s just because there are ways to rake in some cash through your smart phone, data and a little amount of capital as a start up.

In this review, I will show you how Giftalworld works and how to make money from the platform just pressing your phone and reading news.

So are you holding a smartphone right now and still asking how to make money with the device to save you from being broke all the time? Well, you need to follow up this review to the last page because I’m going to do justice to the topic.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the step by step guide on how to make money with Giftalworld.

What is Giftalworld?

Gitftalworld is an online platform that allows their esteemed readers cash in to their bank account through their read news and get paid scheme. This platform has emerged as the best earning platform in Nigeria due to its 100% GAS payment. Yep. They pay 100% withdrawal earnings even if you don’t have a single referral. This option has made Giftalworld the best online website to rake in some money every month.

You can earn up to 40k monthly reading news, sharing sponsored post on your facebook timeline, sharing advert post on your twitter and instagram account and so on.

If you have a high record of referral marketing, you can earn up to N1,600 referring just a single person to the platform.

This platform is open to everybody so far you have an internet enabled device system or a smartphone.


If you are a stay at home mum, young graduate, salary earner or a business owner, you can earn money through this platform so far you have an internet enabled device at your end.

How genuine and reliable is Giftalworld?

Some of you might be wondering if this platform is one of the scamming platforms out there, but I need to break your bubble and tell you blatantly that this program has come to stay.

Giftalworld income earning program is duly registered under the corporate affairs commission with registration code number 2680874

I have personally done a due diligence on the platform and I must tell you it’s far from being a scam platform.

This online platform was established on the 26th of October 2018 by a prominent Nigerian blogger named Raji ibrahim (Ebright) with a business name tagged Giftalworld Technologies.

Raji ibrahim (Ebright) is a motivational speaker, pro blogger, internet marketer, online coach and a business consultant.

How to make money on Giftalworld

As a registered member on this read news and get paid platform, I have personally researched the best ways to make up to N40k per month through the website.

Now read carefully from this phase.

  • As a registered member on the platform you earn N20 reading news on the platform. You can read up to 50 news in a day. Calculate that.
  • You earn N100 daily login bonus on the platform. Your dashboard account will be credited with N100 whenever you login to the site each day.
  • You get a whooping N1,000 bonus immediately you sign up to the platform. This bonus will appear on your dashboard when complete your sign up registration form.
  • The platform gives you N100 for sharing sponsored post on your social media account like facebook and instagram
  • The platform gives you N100,000 for being among the monthly raffle draw winners.
  • You get N1,600 when you refer people to the platform through your unique referral link.

How to increase your referral networks

  • Join different facebook groups
  • Let them know what Giftalworld is all about
  • Dont spam the group
  • Tell them to drop their WhatsApp contact, Add them to your group
  • Tell them how the business works

The more people you refer to the platform, the more referral commission you earn from the platform.


Those are the procedures to make money through the read news and get paid website. I believe with all these method you can earn up to N40k per month.

Also, this great platform pays without referral. So if you are not good in referral marketing, you can withdraw your cash once you have earned up to N15,000

Once your earning is up to N15,000 GAS point you will be eligible to cash out from the system.

Isn’t that cool? Its cool and amazing.

Giftalworld is the first read news and get paid scheme that pays up to N1,600 affiliate commission.

How Much Is Giftalworld Registration?

You need to make a one time payment of N3,00 to be a registered member of this platform. With this fee you are eligible to make up to 40k per month.

Are you wondering why the registration fee is that cost? Well, there is an adage that says soup wey sweet na money kill am.

You can make this N3,000 back into your dashboard account in less than two days, that’s if you are consistent with the platform.


How do Giftalworld pays their members?

Giftalworld pays daily for GAF earners. GAF earnings are for members who refer family and friends to the platform.

When you refer people to the platform, you can withdraw your earnings immediately.

However, the platform pays non referral members every two weeks. That is if you don’t have a referral on the platform you will be eligible to withdraw your earnings every two weeks.

Where do Giftalworld get the money they share?

GIFTALWORLD Review: How to make money on GIFTALWORLD

I really need to make this clear to you. Giftalworld doesn’t run a pyramid scheme that gets money from peter to pay Paul.

Their major earnings comes from Google Adsense.

Google adsense gives bloggers the opportunity to earn money through their online content. Adsense places matching advertisement to a bloggers website based on their visitors and content. The ads are paid for by advertisers who are willing to get more customer engagement from advertising.

You can see one of Giftalworld adsense revenue. That’s just a day earning from Google Adsense. $720.28

Giftalworld is the best and most trusted read news and get paid platform. Their website is scam free.



Sholuade Victoria 09099630714

Wilson Godwin Sunday 08106354650

Okpanachi Caleb Ojonugwa 08118528197

Harbor Eberechi Stephanie 08162418128

Adeyemo Basit Olanrewaju 08106348381

Yekin Idris Olawale 07047495419

You can also make payment through paystack using your debit card to process the payment.

You know this is Nigeria and its risky to have one source of income so dont come up with the excuses that you have what brings money to your pocket already.

How to set up your account after making payment on Giftalworld

After you have successfully registered on this platform:

  • Login to your dashboard account
  • Go to manage profile and generate a link
  • A unique link code will be sent to your mail, copy it and go back to manage settings
  • Paste the unique link under the bank details and you will be given a form to fill your bank details
  • Click on referrals on your dashboard to generate your referral link incase you want to refer anybody to the platform.

See pictures from Giftalworld 1 year anniversary

GIFTALWORLD Review: How to make money on GIFTALWORLD

Use this link to join Giftalworld facebook Group

Alert Testimony

GIFTALWORLD Review: How to make money on GIFTALWORLD
GIFTALWORLD Review: How to make money on GIFTALWORLD

How to withdraw your GAS on Giftalworld

Since people are not really good at referral marketing its important to share tips on how to withdraw GAS earnings on the platform.

Now follow up and see the step by step guide on how to withdraw your GAS earnings without a single referral on the platform.

Step 1

The step you must take to withdraw your total cash on this platform is by joining Giftalworld facebook group. Just scroll up and click on the link I posted up there. Once you join the group make sure you follow up new post notifications so as to keep in touch with new updates regarding GAS withdrawal and other important issues.

Step 2

GAS withdrawal form opens on the 14th and 29th of every month. Once this form is out, fill the necessary space on the form for withdrawal.

Step 3

Once you fill up the GAS form expect your alert the next day as Giftalworld pays each member on the 29th and 30th respectively.

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