About me

My name is Nurudeen yusuf, a digital media marketer, SEO specialist, content writer and a farmer. Yeah, you had that right. I’m also a farmer. I own and manage this business guide website with the domain name businessngr.com.ng where I share different ideas on how to make money in Nigeria.

On Businessngr.com.ng I teach investors and small business owners how to create different source of income in Nigeria in each industry.

According to Robert Mugabe he said and I quote when you receive your salary, you start eating chicken, when the salary begins to decline, you start to eat chicken products (eggs) when it continues to decline, you eat chicken food (millet, maize). After the salary finishes, you become the chicken itself, moving around looking for what to what to eat

This is one of the major quotes that inspired me to open up this blog to help people make more money in Nigeria. Nobody at the top makes it through salary earnings.

FYI, i dont post Ponzi or how to get rich quick scheme on my blog neither do I teach people how to do it. Business and investment requires patience, dedication and hard work.

These are the exact ways I make money for my self

Freelance content writing
Plantain farming
Digital marketing

With what I listed above, I make reasonable amount of money for myself. I do legitimate business both online and offline with clients.

My services

Here are few things I can help you with as an investor

I can help you set up and manage a plantain farm that would triple your capital in space of months. I set up plantain farms, sell plantain suckers and help look for interested buyers.

If you have a business or service you wish to put online, I can help you achieve that feet. As a digital media media marketer, I run campaign ads for blogs through pay per clicks and pay per impression marketing.

My business advice to entrepreneurs

  1. Sell products that offer solution to peoples problem: The best way to make it as an entrepreneur is to offer solution to peoples problem. Explain to customers in simple term how and why your products and services would help them solve their problems. Run some market research about the challenges customers are facing in your niche, offer solution to the problem and smile to the bank.

2. Use social media to your advantage: Social media is a great platform to market any products and services. You can build a wide base audience through social media marketing. Run campaign ads for your business. Join different groups on each social networking sites, search for your preferred audience, and make new friends.

3. Be a professional in your niche: Almost all businesses are saturated in Nigeria. Know what your niche is all about, its pros and cons and how customers could make your brand their number one products.

4. Give something for nothing: Do a give away promo at the end of the year. Give out bonus after each purchase at the end of the year. Its good for your business because

Customers likes freebies and it makes them always return to your store
They introduce your business and services to their friends and families.

Wrapping up

There are a lot of method to improve your business and they are not that complicated as entrepreneurs think. Try out the tips I listed above or you integrate it with the tips you are already used to.

If you have any business deal for me contact me on
08131056283 or Nurudeenyusuf101@gmail.com